After 10 years since the publication of my very first painting book I am delighted to announce another PaintingWar (PW) publication, made possible by Miniaturama Publishing. This marks my third contribution to the PW series (with the previous two being WWII German army and Spanish Civil War), delving again into one of my favorite topics in historical wargaming: World War II. While my initial PaintingWar issue centered around the German army, this latest book shifts its focus to the British and Commonwealth armies.

Using exclusively Warlord Games miniatures in 28mm, and similar to previous PaintingWar publications, this book is divided into two main sections:

The first section covers the “how-to” aspect, providing detailed instructions on painting miniatures for wargames. It begins with an introduction to the hobby and covers basic topics such as applying painting techniques and understanding color theory. Following this, readers will find a comprehensive step-by-step painting guide that demonstrates how to paint a miniature from start to finish using my favorite method, the “layering technique.” Additionally, there are several shorter step-by-step tutorials that cover various elements of the British and Commonwealth army, including different skin tones, hair, clothing (including different shades of the British uniform and the Denison camo), and weapons (including a rifle, SMG, LMG, HMG, and even an antitank gun). Furthermore, we can find a section describing how to create different types of bases: meadow, snow, jungle, desert and urban, Finally, this section concludes with a “fast painting” tutorial for a complete miniature. In contrast to the previous “layering technique,” this tutorial demonstrates how to quickly paint miniatures using acrylic washes.

The second section comprises a comprehensive collection of color charts, providing readers with the resources to paint miniatures representing the British army across various Commonwealth countries and theaters of war, including Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. Each sheet within this section features images of the miniature from the front and back sides, accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the colors used to paint each part. Additionally, each sheet offers several “painting tips” to guide readers on achieving specific results. Furthermore, some sheets include additional step-by-step tutorials, such as painting a mule, creating an antitank gun desert base, adding mud effects, or painting a Scottish kilt.

Content-wise, I believe that this is the most comprehensive PaintingWar publication I have produced (even surpassing the Spanish Civil War book). Our goal was to provide readers with all the necessary tools to paint every single detail of their miniatures, although limitations in space and time inevitably mean that some aspects may be omitted. Additionally, Diego G.H.’s skillfully implemented layout has resulted in a clean and visually appealing presentation, further enhancing the overall appeal of the publication.

I would like to highlight that this book is not intended as a mere “paint by numbers” guide. Rather, its purpose is to provide the reader with a comprehensive set of knowledge to put into practice when painting miniatures, allowing them to develop their own unique painting style. Furthermore, the second part of the book serves as a valuable resource for those unsure about the correct colors to paint their British and Commonwealth armies, regardless of their skills with the brushes. As a result, this book is likely to fulfill the expectations of both novice hobbyists and seasoned wargamers alike.

Although the book is centered on 28mm miniatures, the techniques discussed within can be extended to other scales as well. Additionally, the color references provided in the book would definitely work regardless of the scale you are working with.

The book is already available in Spanish, and the English version is already available for pre-order from the publisher’s partner, Goblin Trader, who also ships internationally. Soon after, the book will likely be available elsewhere, most probably also at MichiganToys and NorthStar, for those living in the New World. Do not miss out on the previous issues of PaintingWar, all of them masterfully written by a professional painter and focused on specific themes. They are incredibly useful tools!


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  1. Doesn’t look like Goblin Trader do international shipping; only to mainland Europe. I was trying to ship to Australia.

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