After a year of work, finally, I have the pleause to announce my first painting monograph, about the WWII german army. Without a doubt, this little dream would never have been possible without the invaluable help of the editor group of the Spanish wargames magazine, BreakingWAR. I will be eternally grateful with them for the opportunity!

Here you can find a review from ModelDads, whose website is absolutely recommendable!.

With this first monograph, this editorial opens a new collection, called PaintingWAR. In each issue, presented in the same format of the magazine BreakingWar, different miniature painters will explain their techniques and painting style (about 20 pages). Next, It will show between 20 and 40 rosters of painted models. Also, you could find more interesting material, depending on the subject of the monograph. Is not only a uniformology guide. It pretends show how you can improve, if it is posible, your brush skills. The idea is find in only one book all info you need to paint your armies.  So, you won’t need search the info in dozens of different websites and books. These books will be edited in Spanish and English (I won’t translate them, no problem!).

PaintingWAR: WWII German army

For example, in this issue of WWII Germans, you could find a lot of “Step by Step” painting guides. From a general painting guide of a 28mm figure, up how to paint the emblems of helmets or the different camouflages used by Germans. In addition, this monograph includes a 15mm painting guide, for those who prefer to play with smaller scales. Also, you could find three pages with info about epaulettes colors and rank symbols from all guns of the German army. Finally, over 36 tabs show models – by Artizan Design, Warlord, Crusader Miniatures and an inedit model sculpted by Michael Broadbent exclusively for the magazine– of the whole conflict. From Grenadiers from the France invasion in 1939, to Fallchirmsjägers that fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Thus, this monograph offers the possibility of find all info you need to paint your German soldiers to play Bolt Action, Flames of War, or for any destination you want. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it!

PaintingWAR: WWII German army

Next issue,  very advanced, will go from the master’s hand Rafael Perez “Archiduque”, and will treat about with the French army during the Napoleonic Wars. Quite a treat!

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  1. I think this is great, where can I get a copy to utilize for my bolt action models?

  2. Hi!

    The latest edition is available in the publisher online store (Spain). I am not sure who is distributing it somewhere else.

    Nevertheless, if you are looking for a book about painting techniques rather than uniforms, I highly recommend you this book which was published a few months ago:

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