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  1. Dear Ruben,

    first of all compliments for the great miniatures, your painting had persuaded me to buy from forged in battle. Now a question, from what manufacturer are the polish cavalrymen in your album?

  2. Thank you for the answer, now I know from which manufacturer my polish cavarly will come. Also I saw some more of your work on Forged In Battle website. Good work on the German paratroopers.


  3. Hi Ruben,
    I have to say you do amazing paintings. I just purchased Panting war magazine. It is very helpful and well layed out and easy to follow. I do alot of crusade 1/72 scale painting. I was wondering if you are planning on relasing anything from that era soon? Do you use any other resources for painting that is focused on 1/72 scale. I am always looking for any publications on 1/72 soldiers. If you know of any please let me know. Thank you and looking forward hearing from you.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your words!!! :).

    I’m preparing a new issue, but unfortunately is with 28mm miniatures. And to be honest, I’ve only painted a couple of 20mm in my life!. Indeed, I usually paint 15 and 28mm.

    About 1/72, take a look to Alex Clark. He’s a master painting vehicles in 20mm and he has some publication I think!. And the new Painting War, about Napoleonic French by Rafa Archiduque, includes a 20mm paining guide, I think.


  5. Hi Ruben,you are a wizard of painting,i can not take my eyes off from your painted models…i want to ask about a painting tutorial…will you do a tutorial about painting german infantry?

  6. Wonderful work. Can you, by any chance, tell me where the basic German riflemen miniatures, without camo-smocks, come from?

  7. Hi. I know this is an old thread, but I am wondering if you might help me out?

    That “Soviet Hexapod” tank… who makes it?! I love it.

    Thank you.

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