A while back, we reviewed the U-Rust kit from AMMO, which allows for the creation of realistic rust effects in a simple and effective manner (see more here). Capitalizing on the knowledge obtained from that test, I decided to use it to paint one of my Grave Guard units for my Soulblight Gravelords army in Age of Sigmar. This seemed ideal, given that these miniatures are predominantly clad in rusted armor!

In collaboration with AMMO, I created three video tutorials featuring how to create rust effects using the U-Rust kit, how to paint bones, and how to paint fabric. The idea was to speed up the painting process by utilizing the U-Rust kit, thereby freeing up additional time to refine the bone and fabric elements. In other words, we aimed to achieve speed painting by combining quicker techniques with more intricate ones.

How To Paint Rusty Armor

How To Paint Skeletons

How To Paint Skeleton Clothing

In my army, I have two Grave Guard units: the black regiment and the red regiment. The former was painted using the U-Rust kit for a quicker process, while the latter was meticulously painted manually using acrylic metallic paints and rust colors.

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