I recently had the opportunity to paint the wonderful new 28mm range from JT Infamous featuring the WWII Polish Home Army, which includes a very charismatic armored soft-skin, the Kubuś. The range includes a mixture of fighters wearing civilian and military garments that results in a very colorful army. If you are planning to start a new Bolt Action army, have a look at JT Infamous website!

Thanks to JT Infamous  you can download for free a detailed step by step painting guide showing how to paint the Kubuś using acrylic and enamel/oil paints from AMMO:

KubusAnd stay tuned: soon we will also publish another painting guide featuring a Polish fighter with a German autumn camouflage smock (yes! I will explain how to paint the camo). In the mean time, do not miss the issue Wargames: Soldiers and Strategy 101, where you can find another painting guide showing how to paint a Polish fighters with civilian outfit.






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