As I already commented in my previous post, I had the great opportunity to paint the wonderful new 28mm range from JT Infamous featuring the WWII Polish Home Army and perfect for Bolt Action.We already saw how to paint step by step the armoured truck Kubuś, and today we will see how to paint the soldiers (or civilians). 

Thanks to JT Infamous  and Wargames: Soldiers and Strategy you can download for free two detailed step by step painting guides showing how to paint a Civilian armed with a Molotov cocktail and SMG (originally published in WSS 101) and another civilian dressed with stolen militar garments (including a camouflage smock). For this guides I used the new range of acrylic paints for figures from AMMO.

Painting guide 1 – Polish fighter with cocktail Molotov

Painting guide 2 – Polish fighter with German equipment




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