During the last weeks I have been painting several dozens of tiny WWII tanks in 12mm (1:144 scale) produced by Victrix Games, a new branch of Victrix Limited. I thought that my preferred scale for tanks was 15mm, but these lovely beauties took my heart. In spite of the small size, the level of details is outstanding and they permit a 1:1 level of game (= bigger battles).  

And thanks to Victrix Games, now you can download totally for free a painting tutorial for each tank model. Each guide includes a complete step by step, with plenty of photos as well as detailed explanations for each step. Although similar in structure, I have tried to focus in more detail on different topics or weathering techniques in each guide. For example, the Cromwell painting guide includes a tutorial to apply decals.

At the moment these are the available painting guides (more in the future):

Stug III


Panzer IV H







Download: Cromwell



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