Como pintar Tercios españoles (28mm) - How to paint 28mm Spanish TerciosToday, I wanted to share with you a painting guide I prepared ad-hoc for the Kraken Released’s guys, who recently founded a Kickstarter campaign to produce an entire new range of 28mm Spanish Tercios miniatures (17th century). The painting guide, prepared in collaboration with the PaintingWar magazine’s crew, is divided in two sections. The former contains a step-by-step painting guide showing how to paint a pikeman (how to paint clothes, metal parts, skin, etc); while three sheets or color carts form the latter, covering the colors needed to paint the miniature beside some historical data and painting tips (for instance, how to highlight black or how to simulate muddy bases). The three painted miniatures you can find inside are a coselete or pikeman, a dismounted dragoon and an angry nun; and although they are based on Spanish soldiers, you can use the color recommendations and painting hints to paint not only any miniature form the same period, but any miniature in general. The techniques are essentially the same. And the color of clothes has not changed that much over the years!

If you already knew the PaintingWar books, probably you are familiarized with this sort of structure. If did not know them, you should get a copy! Actually, this is a good example to see what you can find in any PaintingWar book: plenty of information, ideas and references to help you when painting your tiny miniatures. I hope you enjoy the guide as much I enjoyed when I wrote it! By the way, you can find another painting guide addressing  how to paint 15mm Tercios miniatures.

Download it here:

Download english guide
 Download spanish guide

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